PX4 - Technical Data

Here are some abridged data for the PX4 and some other power triodes. Remember that the performance figures do not reflect the audio sound quality, so while an AC044 is an acceptable electrical substitute for a PX4, this does not mean that it will sound the same! To find out you have to listen to the alternatives.

Triode Valve Data
Valve Filament Volts Filament Amps Anode Volts Anode Current mA Base Output Power, W Comment
PX4 4.0 0.6 200 40 B4 1.0 1928
PX4 4.0 1.0 300 50 B4 3.5 1937
PX25 4.0 2.0 400 63 B4 5.5  
AC044 4.0 1.0 300 50 B4 3.5 Mullard
300B 5.0 1.2 450 80 UX4 11.5 Western Digital
LK4110 4.0 1.0 400 30 B4 2.6 Valvo*

* Valvo = Deutsche Philips (WWII)

PX4 - Data Sheet

PX4 pre-war data sheet

Thanks very much to Andy Cowley for sending me the above scans of the PX4 data pages from a pre-war Osram book.

I'm still looking for a good quality copy of the 1956 data sheet, if some one could lend me one I'd be very grateful.